The headquarters of the Libyan municipal guard in Benghazi has been attacked by an armed group, leaving one staffer with serious injuries due to which he was sent to hospital.

Sources from Benghazi said the attack came after a joint patrol by the municipal guard in certain shops which violate health standards, thus shutting them down, saying the attackers could be related to the owners of the closed shops.

In the meantime, the media office of the municipal council said on Facebook that one of the attackers - using three cars including a military one - was wearing a military outfit and he used a Kalashnikov to shoot at the personnel working at the municipal guard, injuring "Ali Al-Tajouri" with three pullets.

Al-Tajouri was sent to Al-Jalaa Hospital and was lodged at the Intensive Care Unit.

This isn't the first time a security headquarters gets attacked in Benghazi by people wearing military outfits and driving military vehicles.

Earlier, police stations and security posts were attacked by armed persons loyal to brigades commanded by Khalifa Haftar's sons.