The Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, briefed the UN envoy, Abdoulaye Bathily, on Tuesday on the developments of the constitutional track meetings in light of the meetings that Cairo hosted recently, stressing the importance of concluding this track with success, in preparation for holding the parliamentary and presidential elections simultaneously without delay.

In a meeting held in Cairo, Shoukry stressed the need for some external parties to stop attempts to manipulate the political process in Libya into their interests, pointing out that the responsibility is imposed on all Libya's partners to provide support to the Libyan parties to reach the required consensus on their own and by their own will. He said no party inside Libya should be allowed to hijack the political process through imposing a fait accompli.

Bathily said that the UN mission assured all parties that the key to the solution lies in the hands of Libyans, and that he always advises all parties about the need to show flexibility toward the few remaining issues in the constitutional track.

Shoukry and the UN envoy agreed on the necessity of continuing the channels of communication and coordination between Egypt and the UN to support reaching the required consensus on the political process in Libya in a way that guarantees the simultaneous holding of presidential and parliamentary elections, and the exit of all foreign forces, mercenaries and fighters from Libya within a timeframe to be determined without delay, in implementation of Security Council resolutions.

Bathily, who arrived in Cairo on Tuesday, participated earlier in the day in the meetings of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission that were held in Cairo to discuss the continuation of the ceasefire and the expulsion of mercenaries from Libya.