The GNC suspends participation in the upcoming round of dialogue to hold more consultations on the fourth draft.

Newly appointed British ambassador to Libya has threatened that his country would put the blame for the murder of 37 tourists in Sousse, Tunisia, on Libya if the GNC didn't ratify the UNSMIL draft agreement, GNC Speaker Nuri Abu Sahmain revealed.

Abu Sahmain was addressing anti-UNSMIL draft protesters outside the congress on Wednesday.

He told the protesters that Peter Millett had contacted one of HoR boycotters and threatened him to accept the draft. Abu Sahmain didn't name the HoR boycotter.

"The British ambassador, who is not accredited to us, asked the HoR boycotter to urge other boycotters to go to the GNC today and press it to ratify the draft. He threatened him that the murder of 37 tourists in Tunisia would be placed on Libya because the attacker trained in Libya." Abu Sahmain said.

He added that Millet has also threatened to include the unnamed HoR boycotter in the UN sanctions list if he didn't encourage the GNC to sign the draft.

Abu Sahmain also revealed similar threats from the French ambassador to the GNC.

He said Ambassador Antoine Sivan had met GNC dialogue team and threatened the Second Deputy Speaker Saleh Al-Makhzoom of negative outcome if the GNC didn't sign the draft.

"If you didn't sign the draft, a civil war would erupt in your country, assets of the Central Bank of Libya would be frozen, plan B would be implemented to seize oil ports and fields and airports." Antoine Sivan warned Al-Makhzoom, according to Abu Sahmain.

Meanwhile, the GNC decided not to go to Skhirat for the dialogue round which was expected to take place on Thursday.

In a statement following its Wednesday session, the GNC said the UNSMIL draft didn't include its proposed amendments.

"The GNC decided to continue consultations on the amendments in next week sitting." The statement reads.