A letter of thanks and gratitude from Dignity Operation’s Marine Forces to Sporto

A series of photos and videos of a militiaman from Wirshiffana’s tribes’ army have sparked a wave of memes and sarcasm on social media.

Social media users have been sharing photos and videos of the commander of Brigade 10 in Wirshiffana Hamza Al-Abidli, nicknamed Sporto, wearing many strange necklaces and performing silly acts on camera.

Sporto, who is still loyal to former dictator Gaddafi, is the man behind closure of the coastal road that links Tripoli with the western towns and cities. He heads Brigade 10, which is affiliated with Khalifa Haftar’s self-styled army. Haftar depends on Wirshiffana armed groups, especially Sporto’s one, to invade Tripoli.

In his Facebook, Sporto posted a letter of thanks and gratitude from Dignity Operation’s Marine Forces for “protecting state institutions.”

He also posted videos in the frontlines against Libya Dawn forces saying they are the backup forces of the Libyan national Army fighting the terrorist groups.

“I am a member of the Libyan army,” he shouts in one of his videos.

Sporto’s Brigade 10 is positioned at the military barrack 27 on the coastal road. He and his kidnap groups have made a fortune of regular ransom demands in the region. 

He has become a millionaire out of his countless crimes and abduction, a social media user from Wirshiffana writes.

Other users have sarcastically likened him to Jack Sparrow, the main protagonist in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, drawing thousands of funny replies.