Khalifa Haftar, who commands self-styled armed forces' general command and has recently attempted to seize power by a military coup, invited Wednesday the Prime Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah and Head of Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi, as well as the Speaker of House of Representatives, Aqila Saleh - in addition to Presidential Council members, Prime Minister deputies, ministers and House of Representatives' members - to attend a military parade to commemorate the so-called Operation Dignity's seventh anniversary at Benina Airbase in Benghazi on May 29.

The anniversary procession, which was slated for May 17 and was later moved to 24-25 and then 29, could be attended by Menfi - according to observers - Saleh and some ministers, but not Prime Minister Dbeibah as he represents western region and comes from Misrata, which is against Haftar's military rule and coup attempts.

The man behind the invitation, Haftar, has no official capacity at the Government of National Unity and hasn't received permission from the PM who is also a Defense Minister or from Menfi who is also the Chief Commander of the Libyan Army to carry out the parade.

Observers believe that Haftar's continued autonomous behavior away from the government and state institutions jeopardizes the progress of the political process and shows the inability of the government to hold him accountable for his illegal and illegitimate movements, thus sending signals of an ominous war that Haftar could wage as a new attempt to seize power after a bunch of failed ones.