Benghazi Municipality said 6666 properties had been partially or wholy damaged due to war over the last years.

The Head of the Steering Council of the Municipality, Al-Saqr Bujawari met with damage control committee members who explained their methods of documenting damages and the challenges they had faced.

Bujawari said the evaluation process of compensation should start, and then the results should be sent to Building and Housing Ministry's central committee so that the people can receive their compensations.

Lots of properties and public places have been damaged since the start of Khalifa Haftar's Operation Dignity in 2014, including Wasit Al-Blad (downtown), and other old streets that date back over a hundred years.

Authorities in eastern Libya haven't done any repairing works despite the passage of seven years since the start of war and the billions of dollars provided to the previous "Interim Government of Abdullah Al-Thinni," not to mention sending over 30 billion dollars to "General Command" to allow it to wage wars on Derna, Murzuq and Tripoli among other cities, causing more and more damages after destroying half of Benghazi.