Wirshiffan's council of elders offered condolences for the family of the senior leader of Khalifa Haftar's forces General Masoud Al-Dawi and his two companions who were killed in mysterious conditions in Tarhouna.

The council called in a statement Saturday on Haftar to allow truth to surface regarding the "assassination of Al-Dawi" and Anwar Yehya and Ahmed Daw, who were with him.

It also called for bringing the culprits to court-martial for the "cowardly act" they did, holding the social council in Tarhouna accountable as the murdered officers were found in the administrative borders of the city.

"Wirshiffana tribes won't be dealing with Tarhouna social council until it brings the killers to justice." The statement adds.

General Al-Dawi was from Wershiffana and a senior leader of Haftar's forces in their attack on Tripoli. He was gunned down along with two companions in Famalgha area in Tarhouna where they were attending a meeting for Haftar's forces.