The Head of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sirraj, has criticized the negative interventions of some countries in Libya, expressing dismay at supplying arms to conflicting parties and thus prolonging the crisis.

These remarks came in a meeting for Al-Sirraj with ambassadors and diplomats of European Union countries in Tripoli.

Al-Sirraj hailed the EU's efforts to achieve stability and security in Libya, reiterating the importance of the reopening of embassies in Tripoli.

"The crisis needs a political solution through elections that would be based on a constitution approved by Libyans." Al-Sirraj remarked in the meeting.

Meanwhile, the ambassadors reiterated support of their countries to the efforts of the UNSMIL's Head Ghassan Salame, stressing the need to hold the National Conference so all the parties can discuss the way out of the political stalemate.

They also said they support dialogue among all Libyans and the latest meeting between Al-Sirraj and Khalifa Haftar in the UAE.

The meeting discussed as well human rights, illegal immigration, the return of European airliners to Libyan airports and the lifting of the ban on Libyans airliners in European airspace, in addition to easing visa requirements for Libyans, facilitating medical treatment in Europe and education cooperation.