The spokesperson of the Sudanese Armed Forces, Colonel Al-Sawarmi Khalid Saeid, said Tuesday that his forces called in the Libyan Military Attaché to express concerns about Tobruk government’s role in hosting the Manni Arko Manawi Movement rebels to use them in the fight alongside Khalifa Haftar’s forces.

He also said in a press conference reported by State Sudanese News Agency that the joining of Manawi rebels in Haftar’s forces poses a serious threat to the national security of Sudan in Darfur region in particular, and for the national and regional security on the Sudan-Libya borders in general.

“Manawi is an armed rebellious movement that is carrying out attacks inside Sudan.” Colonel Al-Sawarmi said, pointing out that what was done by Tobruk government is a blatant intervention in the internal Sudanese affairs as they continue to shelter them and support them.

London-based Alaraby newspaper reported that 400 African mercenaries have already arrived in Tobruk to join Haftar's forces in their war in Benghazi following their failure to gain control of the city for more than a year now.