The Director of Kufra Teaching Hospital, Ismail Al-Ayda, has expressed concern about the spread of infectious diseases among displaced individuals arriving from Sudan to Kufra. He noted that the Ministry of Health has declared a state of emergency in response to this situation.

Al-Ayda described the health situation in the city as extremely critical, highlighting that a significant number of displaced individuals are suffering from infectious and potentially life-threatening diseases such as tuberculosis, AIDS, viral hepatitis, malaria, and various skin conditions.

He disclosed that between October and March, the hospital recorded approximately 798 cases of viral hepatitis, 45 cases of AIDS, 28 cases of pulmonary tuberculosis, and 102 cases of malaria among the displaced population.

The official warned of the potential spread of tuberculosis, particularly with the influx of displaced people from Sudan and the escalation of conflicts in Dara Fur, which is close to the coastal border of Kufra.