The Sudanese Center for Freedom of Press said there had been violent clashes between Darfur armed groups in Siddada in Libya due to the lack of commitment by Khalifa Haftar to payment.

The center said a force loyal to Haftar supported forces of Sudan Liberation Movement and Minni Minnawi in their assault on Abdelwahid and Justice and Equality forces in eastern Misrata's Siddada town.

"They managed to repel the forces using 20 armed vehicles. They also seized three armored vehicles and three artilleries." The center added.

According to sources, disagreement among the Sudanese movements could increase and become more violent as Haftar did not commit to his financial and military aids to them.

A defected leader at the Justice and Equality Movement Abdullah Eshak said 7 were killed and tens were wounded from Darfur fighters in the clashes near Al-Kufra.

Meanwhile, the center added that a defected leader at the Minni Minnawi movement Abdullah Adam said the Justice and Equality and Sudan Liberation movements were fighting alongside Haftar in the battle for oil terminals but the latter's lack of commitment made them side with his opponents.

"Over 5 were killed and 5 others injured from the leadership of Minnawi movement, not to mention the material and military losses in Um Al-Aranib due to the fight between Haftar and Minnawi from one side and Justice and Equality movement from the other." Adam added.

UN experts' report of last September revealed the participation of Sudanese and Chadian rebels in the fighting in the oil crescent in Libya between Haftar and Ibrahim Jadran's forces.