The Sudanese government has called on Libya to condemn the "rogue" Rapid Support Forces, which is battling the Sudanese Armed Forces, considering the latter a legitimate official institution responsible for the stability and maintenance of peace and security in the country.

A statement by the Sudanese Embassy in Libya Tuesday said the ongoing events in Sudan are the result of the RSF's rebellion against the Sudanese national army.

RSF units attacked several diplomatic missions and international and regional organizations, violating the pertinent international laws and norms, the embassy stated. 

It called on the Libyan authorities to condemn the "rogue" party and the continued fighting in the country, which it said is endangering the lives of civilians, including women and children.

"The ongoing developments in Sudan is an internal matter, and the Sudanese government can contain the matter without external interference."

On Monday, the Libyan Embassy in Khartoum announced the evacuation of 105 Libyan nationals by ship from a port city in Sudan to Jeddah in preparation for flying them back home.