The General Assembly of the Sudanese Union for Scholars and Preachers has called on the authorities in their country to conduct an urgent investigation into the involvement of some Sudanese in Haftars' military campaign against Tripoli.

In a statement, on Tuesday, the union called on the Sudanese government represented in the army, police, and the Rapid Support Force to take appropriate action "to deter these mercenaries, the spoilers who are fighting in the name of Sudan."

"This step comes in observance of the rights of Islam, the right of neighborliness, and the right of a legitimate government accepted by the Libyan people, and in response to the call of the Libyan Fatwa House for the Sudanese scholars to take a stance on this issue," the statement reads.

It warned of frequent media reports regarding that some Sudanese are fighting in the ranks of Haftar as mercenaries, stressing that this will harm Sudan, its security, stability, and its reputation.

Earlier, The Council for Research and Legal Studies at the Libyan Fatwa House appealed to the "Sudanese scholars and its wise people" to voice their position with respect to the recruitment of Sudanese youth in Haftar's forces to kill their brothers in Libya, as they put it.

A source told The Libyan Observer that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had asked the commander of Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF), Mohamed Hamdan Dagal, to send 1200 fighters to Libya to support warlord Khalifa Haftar’s ongoing war in southern Tripoli and western Sirte.