The Tanasuh channel reported an attack on its HQ in Tajoura on Saturday.

Unidentified attackers targeted the channel's premises with RPG shells at dawn.

The channel shared images on its Facebook account showing a wrecked ceiling and destruction in its outer walls. Luckily, no human casualties were reported.

Meanwhile, the institution's management vowed to take all legal measures to prosecute the criminals and preserve their rights.

The channel will remain "true to its slogan and message" of establishing truth and advocating for combating crime and injustice, the Tanasuh stated.

For its part, the Department of Media and Government Communications denounced the attack and expressed solidarity with the staff, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding media institutions from violence.

Founded in 2014, the Tanasuh channel geared its programs towards extending knowledge in various fields, particularly Islamic science.

The channel hosts qualified legal scholars and produces talk shows, besides other educational programs.

Over time, the Tanasuh developed its broadcasting by covering more areas and extending its presence on social media platforms.