IS militants executed a young man from Bani Walid by firing squad after he had been abducted days ago in Garza district, nearby Man-Made River road.

According to witnesses cited by media outlets, the victim was found Monday tossed near a tank on the Man-Made River road.

"He was missing for days after clashes between Bani Walid security patrol and IS militants." Media outlets reported.

Bani Walid Security Brigade clashes with IS diehards while on duty in the valleys in the city. Four IS terrorists were killed in the clashes, the rest had run away.

Certain groups of IS are still roaming desert roads and valleys around Bani Walid and Sirte after they had been defeated in Sirte, with some of them escaping and joined by other IS diehards, who escaped from Benghazi. They are all positioned in the vicinity of Bani Walid.

IS terrorists are taking the edge of the geographical nature of Bani Walid, getting out of their hideouts every now and then to conduct some terrorist turbulence.

The last of IS turbulence was clashing with Third Force fighters, who were on their way back from Sabha to Misrata early in May. Two Third Force fighters were killed, three others were injured.