IS terrorists seize areas on the road to their old stronghold, Sirte

IS terrorists seize areas on the road to their old stronghold, Sirte

September 03, 2017 - 19:21
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

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Terrorists from the Islamic State (IS) controlled Saturday evening the district of Wadi Al-Hamar - 90 km away from Sirte - and according to eyewitnesses, they set up checkpoints and kidnapped at least three people.

The member of the House of Representatives (HoR) Amer Nasser, confirmed that IS militants had seized the district near Sirte.

"The cowards are shivering and now besieging the civilians in Al-Noufiliya to give them as an offering to the Daesh. You cowards and your African mercenaries; go to Deash and leave the civilians alone." Nasser said with an implied reference to Haftar's forces.

Meanwhile, Haftar's forces have been besieging Al-Noufiliya area for two days and have kidnapped a number of men from there.

Al-Noufiliya is an area so close to the Wadi Al-Hamar district, where IS militants made their fresh return.

Dignity Operation sources said there is clear mobilization of forces in the aim to have control on the area from Ras Lanuf to Al-Arbaeen town in eastern Sirte, where IS militants are building up their return, according to Afrigate news website on Sunday.

IS diehards entered the Wadi Al-Hamar area on Friday from the southern entrance and did Eid prayer before they had filled their vehicles with gasoline and taken the needed catering then pulled out.

Last Thursday, IS terrorists exploded a car bomb at Al-Noufiliya checkpoint killing three of Haftar's forces and injuring eight. IS claimed the attack via Amaq News Agency - its media arm.