The Commander of the Third Force, Jamal Al-Treki, reaffirmed that they had handed over Gweret Al-Mal checkpoint to Sabha Security Department (SSD) and the brigades appointed by the Tripoli General Staff for securing the checkpoint.

"Brigades 201, 66 and 32 as well as the First Brigade that are all under the Third Force command and are made up from southerners who want their region secure. They were tasked to secure Tamnahent airbase." Al-Treki said in a phonecall on TV.

The Third Force was also tasked with forming brigade 13 that will gather all southern revolutionaries under the government's legitimacy, he added.

He also said that the brigades securing the SSD are from the Third Force, which aims at bringing the role of army and police to light.

"We are working on a peaceful solution with southern elders, but if we reached a deadlock, the Third Force is ready to stop the Dignity Operation militias." Al-Treki added.

"Dignity Operation will have no foothold in the south as they are not an army at all but are only a group of men and gangs as well as mercenaries." He indicated.

He stressed that the UN-proposed government and its Defense Ministry as well as General Staff must provide logistic and financial support for the Third Force so it continues to secure the southern region.

Libya's south is undergoing intermittent clashes between the Third Force and fighters led by so-called Brigade 12 of Dignity Operation, last of which was at Gweret Al-Mal Checkpoint.