Tobruk parliament has failed for the second time in a row to carry out a vote of confidence for the new cabinet of the UN-imposed Presidential Council.

In a statement Sunday, the parliament set Tuesday as a date for the vote of approval or disapproval of the new cabinet as a whole, but this method was no good for some of the members who reject certain ministers among the ones nominated, and thus dispute took place and brought the session to a close.

News sources reaffirmed that one of the PC members threatened to kill some of Tobruk MPs if they approved the new cabinet, which was met with condemnation by the UN envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler.

“HoR members must not be intimidated or threatened. All have to decide in free will.” Kobler tweeted.

Likewise, the British Ambassador to Libya, Peter Millett, said he was annoyed by the fact that Tobruk MPs were threatened with the use of violence by some PC members, saying that such acts are unacceptable.

In the same fashion, the U.S. Embassy used its official Twitter account to say that Tobruk MPs should not be intimidated and forced to vote for the new PC’s cabinet.

Since the pronouncement of the new cabinet, the PC and Tobruk parliament’s dispute about the names of the nominated ministers has been on the ascendency whether in Skhirat in the PC deliberations, or in Tobruk at the new cabinet’s presentation session last Saturday. Worse yet, they have even hit each other and exchanged swearing, threats and accusations of all kinds, such as taking political bribery.