Tunisian Foreign Minister, Othman Al-Jarandi has said that they have no objection to reopen the Ras Ajdir and Dehiba border crossings, if the scientific committee concerned with confronting Coronavirus allows it.

This came during his phone call with the Foreign Minister, Najlaa Al-Manqoush, during which he indicated that the continued closure of the crossings is a precautionary health measure, aimed at protecting the citizens of the two countries and preventing the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

For her part, Al-Manqoush put Al-Jarandi in a picture of the suffering of citizens on both sides, especially families and patients, noting that she is following with interest the issue of the Tunisian side continuing to close the crossings despite Libya's announcement to reopen them as of Thursday, August 19, 2021.

Libya closed the border crossings with Tunisia last July due to the spread of the Coronavirus in Tunisia, announcing last Tuesday the reopening of the crossing as of Thursday, August 19, but that the Tunisian authorities did not open the crossings from their side, which led to a state of confusion among travelers at the border.