A convoy of 75 military vehicles coming from eastern Libya entered Sharara oilfield on Monday, local media outlets reported a military source from Ubari as saying. ‏

The source, who asked to remain anonymous, said Khalifa Haftar's forces which arrived from eastern Libya aim to secure oil fields after the defeat of their fellow forces in Murzuq and loss of grip on the south.

"Haftar's forces are afraid that an attack on oil fields could take place and thus be kicked out of them by the South Protection Force. Haftar's forces entry to the south and their violations in there escalated tensions among the locals." The source added.

Meanwhile, Haftar's forces withdrew from Murzuq after heavy clashes with South Protection Force backed by fighters from Tubu tribespeople who had been discriminated against and oppressed by Haftar's forces inside Murzuq in last February.