The United Kingdom (UK) has renewed the list of sanctions imposed on a number of Libyan figures for their involvement in committing human rights abuses and violations, directly related to the file of illegal immigration and smuggling.

According to the UK Treasury website, the list that was updated on November 29 included the director of the detention center in Al-Zawiya, Osama Al-Koni, and the commander of Al-Zawiya coast guard, Abdul Rahman Milad, nicknamed “Al-Beedja,” in addition to the commander of the National Guard, Mohammed Keshlaf.

The UK Treasury added that these names were heavily involved in managing huge trafficking and smuggling networks in the city and had been committing violations and acts of violence against immigrants in Libya.

The list also included Al-Saadi Gaddafi and Ahmed Gaddaf Al-Dam, saying that all of them remain subject to an asset freeze and a travel ban until further notice.

The list of sanctions includes freezing the funds and economic resources of some persons, entities, or bodies involved in committing serious violations of human rights in Libya, international humanitarian law, or any other activity that threatens peace, stability, and security in the country.

The report of the panel of experts of the UN  Sanctions Committee on Libya included three leaders from the city of Al-Zawiya on charges of human trafficking, including “Al-Beedja,” citing their involvement in joining armed entities operating in Wershefana, Sabratha, and Zuwara since 2011.

The UK Foreign Office placed on May 13, 2021 Al-Kaniyat militia and its leaders, Abdul Rahim and Mohammed Al-Kani, on the sanctions list for their involvement in violations of human rights and international humanitarian law in Libya.