The General National Congress has urged the UNSMIL to be committed to a sincere work on stopping the air strikes on Benghazi and to investigate into the case of Advisor Suleiman Zoubi, who is kidnapped by militias from Zintan before putting through any new agreement, said First Deputy President of GNC, Awad Abdul-Sadeq Sunday.

He demanded, in a joint press conference with the UN envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, the UNSMIL to clarify the details of Leon’s leaks as requested by the GNC president Nuri Abu Sahmain.

Abdul-Sadeq reiterated that for the dialogue to be successful the international community must exert more efforts to back it up, pointing out that all parties should make use of what was done previously in the dialogue.

“Tripoli is not undergoing a wave of crimes as stated by the media, and the real crimes that we should all turn our eyes to are those committed by Khalifa Haftar in Al-Kufra, Derna and Benghazi cities.” Abdul-Sadeq elaborated.

On the other hand, Martin Kobler reassured that the UN is to keep on giving its full support to Libya without any violation of Libya’s sovereignty, stressing that supporting Libya must be triggered in no time so that there becomes an end to the current crisis that stemmed out of the deterioration of Libya’s economy.

“The political process should further advance and pick up from where Bernardino Leon stopped.” Highlighted Kobler, adding that the political agreement draft won’t be open for negotiation these days. 

“The text of the agreement draft must not be changed or edited, yet we can discuss some of the tangled issues, while at the end of the dialogue there will be three legitimate institutions, namely: the HoR, Sate Council, and the new government.” Explained Martin Kobler.