The UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame, has expressed concern about the ongoing fighting in Tripoli and the division within the international community about Libya, saying "if Libyans are divided, then it would be better if the international community were more united."

In a presser with the Italian Foreign Minister, Enzo Moavero Milanesi in Rome, Salame said it is possible to deescalate in Libya but "we need to stop the influx of new weapons and avoid any direct interventions by certain countries."

"I hope the contacts I made with the crisis parties would bring about good results before Ramadan. The National Conference has been delayed but not cancelled. When gunfire is loud, you can't hear the fainting sound of diplomacy." Salame explained.

In the meantime, the secretary of Khalifa Haftar is visiting Moscow, which reflects the links Haftar has established with Russia amid his offensive on Tripoli.

"For elections to take place in Libya, we need a law and a commitment to the elections' results." Salame remarked in the presser.

He added that the holding of elections is difficult at this time amid the clashes.

"Yet, seven municipalities held elections days ago with new mayors." He said.

Salame is visiting Rome as part of his attempt to visit some countries in order to reach a ceasefire in Libya.