The UN Security Council's panel of experts said it had sent 91 letters to 36 member states and stakeholders of the Libyan situation and the sanctions on the country, adding in a letter to the Secretary General that it had received 8 reports from member states and 15 others regarding inspection from 15 regional organizations .

The panel said it had agreed to unfreeze one type of arms ban on Libya based on the 2011 resolution 1970, adding that it had not taken any negative decision regarding two notifications on asset freeze while it extended twice for six months each time an exemption from travel bans for humanitarian reasons for members of Gaddafi's family.

It also indicated that it had added a new registry to the sanctions list on Libya, which contains now 29 individuals and entities within the term of the mandate of the panel from January 2021 to December of the same year.

"The panel appointed six new members and had its mandate extended to August 2022, sending thereafter 210 letters to 80 member states, international and national entities and individuals." It added.

The panel said it had delivered its temporary report on December 15 and made visits to Spain, Italy, Turkey, Tunisia, Switzerland, the US, France, and to Tripoli and Benghazi in 2021.