The UN Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peace-building Affairs, Rosemary DiCarlo, has reiterated the UN readiness to facilitate dialogue between current Prime Minister of Libya, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah and Parliament-designated PM, Fathi Bashagha.

These remarks were said at a UN Security Council briefing on Monday by DiCarlo, who called on all Libyan political and security actors to exercise maximum restraint and address all disputes through dialogue, saying elections are the only way to settle differences on democratic legitimacy for all Libyan institutions.

"It is high time to agree on outstanding issues and make the elections happen. We remain committed to supporting Libyan national reconciliation efforts, working closely with our partners, including the African Union." She said.

DiCarlo reiterated the need for a reconciliation process that is inclusive, victim-centred, rights-based, and grounded in the principles of transitional justice, with a focus on truth, accountability and reparations, warning that continued political divisions are contributing to a tense security environment in and around Tripoli.

"As armed groups continue to position themselves in support of either Mr. Dbeibah or Mr. Bashagha, the risk of escalation increases." She explained.

She indicated that the partial shutdown of Libya’s oil sector continues and since 16 April, the shutdown has reduced Libyan oil exports by one third and cost the country 3.1 billion US dollars in lost revenue.