The U.S. Embassy in Libya said Tuesday that Ambassador Richard Norland would be in Cairo on August 10-11 to meet with Egyptian officials and Khalifa Haftar.

The embassy explained on its Facebook page that the visit comes in the framework of U.S. efforts to support Libyan parliamentary and presidential elections in December.

"As with other recent engagements with key Libyan figures, Ambassador Norland continues to focus on the urgency of supporting the difficult compromises necessary to establish the constitutional basis and legal framework needed now in order for the elections to take place on December 24," the statement read.

The embassy emphasized Washington's support for the right of Libyans to select their leaders through an open democratic process, calling on key figures to use their influence at this critical stage to do what is best for all Libyans.

In previous statements, Norland said that Khalifa Haftar could play a role in unifying the military establishment in Libya. His remarks were met with great anger from families of Haftar's victims, who are fighting in courts to bring justice for their relatives.