Two US lobbying firms of Lanny Davis and Robert Livingston have terminated their contract with Khalifa Haftar who vowed to pay about a million dollars for the firms’ services to lobby US President Joe Biden’s administration as he prepares to run for Libya president.

A Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) document at the US Justice Department has revealed that the contract with Haftar was terminated on September 30 after being signed in late August without explaining the reasons for the termination.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Human Rights and Democracy Foundation in the US, Emadeddin Muntasser, said they had informed the two firms that Haftar was in contact with a Russian organization under sanctions from Washington, confirming to them that the warlord is accused in Libya of robbing banks and smuggling state resources, in addition to reports of him exchanging gold with Venezuela for dollars.

Wall Street Journal revealed in August that Haftar hired ex-Clinton aide, Lanny Davis, and ex-Republican House Leader Bob Livingston, to lead a nearly $1 million effort to lobby the Biden administration for political support, as whom it described as “war criminal who led assault on Tripoli government” wants support ahead of December election.