The United States has cautioned Khalifa Haftar against his attempts to align himself with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who according to the US, is seeking to establish a Russian military corps in Africa.

The US State Department, via its spokesman Ned Price, labeled the Russian Wagner's mercenaries as a harmful element in Libya, causing public security risks, disrespecting human rights, and looting the countries in which they operate.

Moscow aims to establish a Russian military corps in Africa, as evidenced by the visit of Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yunus Bek Evkurov to Libya at the invitation of Khalifa Haftar, Price added.

According to the US State Department, the Russian African Legion is preparing to carry out large-scale military operations on the continent to counteract Western influences.

The US has accused Wagner of destabilizing Libya and using it as a base to launch activities in the region. 

On the other hand, Price stressed that Washington's goal in Libya is to achieve a sovereign, stable, unified, and secure state that can manage its own affairs, with transparent and fair elections being the only means to establish a national government capable of extending security.