By Abdullah Alkabir, Libyan political writer and commentator

The victory of the resistance in Gaza has become an unquestionable reality, except for those with little knowledge of liberation wars and their high cost, or those small groups scattered here and there, who could only see through the eyes of their rulers, and subduing religion to serve them, with no wisdom or use of reason.

These people do not realize the nature of the conflict and its complexities. So, they think that victory has only one side. The victor is the one who inflicts the largest number of deaths among its enemy, as if the conflict is a match in which the one who scores the most goals against his opponent is the winner!

Liberation wars against an occupying enemy are not like other traditional warfare, as they last longer than traditional inter-state wars, and the balance of power as such always tilts towards the occupying forces, because they usually excel in equipment, machinery, and weapons. For this reason, the number of casualties among the people under occupation is disproportionally higher than the death toll and casualties of the occupier.

The initiative is in the hands of the occupier at the beginning of the conflict, then the resistance takes the initiative when it finalizes its preparations, builds its capabilities, and prepares its flexible plans that take into account all political, military, and media dimensions of the conflict.

In all of its previous wars since the 1948 Nakba, until the recent wars in Gaza and southern Lebanon, the Zionist occupier was the one who initiated them, with the exception of the Sinai Liberation War in 1973, and the current war with the resistance factions in Gaza, and the latter is far dangerous than the Sinai Liberation War, because that was at the border areas between Syria, Palestine and Egypt, and they were between regular armies, and the occupiers inside the entity were not directly affected by them, but this strike deep into the occupying entity, and their fire and missiles target all the settlers, nearly half a million of whom left their homes and became displaced near Tel Aviv settlement. This was viewed as an existential threat to the Zionist project, so the USA and its allies rushed with their fleets, weaponry, and intelligence to support the faltering entity to preserve it from collapse.

The resistance struck its decisive blow on October 7th, destroying the myth of the invincible army and the most powerful intelligence services in the region, achieving its strategic victory in a few hours.

Under the impact of shock, the Zionist occupier followed its instincts and proceeded on the path of revenge, as all brutal forces do, as they do not know a way to achieve their goals other than by the use of force.

Wisdom did not help them to wait and study the event so that their reactions would be rational and preserve what kind of strength they had left. It declined to complete the chapters of its defeat.

The occupier, showed its real ugly face, and opened fire on children, women, and the elderly, and indeed bombed hospitals, mosques, schools, and churches, shocking the world with its brutality and barbarity.

The biased Western media failed to justify these crimes. All the lies and cheap propaganda in major newspapers and satellite channels did not save the Zionists from losing the media battle, so demonstrations took place across the globe, denouncing the occupation and its brutality against the oppressed, and thus the resistance completed its victory in the second chapter of the saga.

It was not a surprise for some Western newspapers to select phrases from the statements of the elderly detainee, who was released by the resistance at the end of October, to confirm their bias and abandoning professionalism.  Such media and press used phrases like “I went through a hell that I had never imagined... I was trapped in tunnels that looked like a spider’s web,”. These were bold headlines on their front pages. Further distorting the resistance and dressing it in the guise of terrorism, because the reader will often be satisfied with the headlines, and even if s/he reads the news and reads the rest of the statements about good treatment and providing of all services and medical care, the first headline will imprint on the memory and remain the most influential in the imagination, and thus the resistance will not benefit from this praise from the elderly woman.

However, what happened after the truce agreement and exchange of detainees, the world saw the high moral and humanitarian level with which the resistance factions treated the detainees. The world also discovered that the prisons of the occupying entity were crowded with Palestinian children and women, and with its moral downfall before world public opinion, chapters of the defeat of the occupying entity and Western countries were completed, and their claims to civilization, humanity, and human rights collapsed.


Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Libya Observer