By Fathi Al-Fadali

I cannot stand this situation anymore, tens of non-Libyans in Skhirat talking about my country’s affairs pretending that they care about it, and attempting to stop its bleeding and heal its wounds as well as killing its every pain. They are chanting, like a crazy parrot, terms of agreement and concord as well as unity. Every one of them has in their skulls a different analysis and interpretation for these humanitarian fancy terms.

Tens in Geneva and Skhirat as well as other cities and countries are running tirelessly from one meeting hall to another, from one passage to another and from one story to another, shaking hands, murmuring and nodding their hollow heads right and left pretending to show care, sorrow, and pain for what has become of Libya and Libyan people, who are crowding at doors wearing neat suits, expensive colorful silky ties, and wearing black sunglasses and holding black briefcases that are bulky and huge as their bellies; black fancy briefcases stuffed with ambitions, proposals, and initiatives that allows them to swallow what is left from my country.

I cannot stand this situation anymore; Libya has become a country full of wounds moaning as a world of hyenas is hovering around its warn-out body. Ambassadors, correspondents, employees, diplomats, intelligence, guards, spies, oppressors and betrayers.

A huge number of cannibals are waiting for devouring the exhausted body of my country: UN, Security Council, Arab League, African Union, UNSMIL, neighbor countries, Coast and Desert Gathering, International Criminal Court, NATO, Jordan, the UAE, Qatar, Tunisia, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Malta, Chad, Niger, Sudan, France, the UK, Russia, China, the US, Geneva, Ghadames, Justice and Construction, International Community, mercenaries, federalists, separatists, independents, opportunists, vampires, Dirtiness Operation, ex-regime men, civil society organizations, mayors, parties, Tribes Army, Daesh (IS), boycotters, non-boycotters, all of those live off the country’s tragedy.

Media, microphones, TV channels, cameras, newspapers, journalists, correspondents, magazines, data, statements, press conferences, resolutions, comments, denunciations, a million news reports, programs, interviews, lies, scams, deception, evasiveness, meanness, threatening, and crippled agreements that end with drafts similar to a mine field with yellow smiles that I fell are mocking Libya and Libyan people.

I cannot stand this situation anymore; the world is turning a deaf ear to my people’s pain groans. On the surface, it talks about peace, unity, security, safety, stability, agreement, dialogue, concord, but in their heart of hearts, they are cunningly talking about oil, investment, economy, profits, projects, immigration, avarice, power, control, positions, money, yen, Euro, dollar, and terrorism.

I wished this situation had turned into a Libyan one, a domestic and local one where all Libyans sit under a Libyan palm tree in one of the country’s oases in peace, tranquility, and faithfulness. They sit to heal the wounds of the country and unite the separated away from noise, whooping, croaking, hissing and other sounds and lights or colors, lies, hypocrisy, greed, threats, and misleading noises, we are sick of this situation in which hyenas are taming their prey.

Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Libya Observer