By Abdularazag Al-Dahesh, a Libyan journalist and writer

It was Italy's dream to put power in the right of Omar Al-Mukhtar, and put money in his left, in exchange for throwing his gun in the first cave of Wadi El-Kuf, and do what Rome admires, but what Italy searched for, even in the seventh heaven, it did not find it on Libyan land. 

Many were interested in living even at the expense of the homeland, but what was important to Omar Al-Mukhtar is to live the homeland even at his expense, this exceptional man did not choose to be a ruler, did not choose to be an owner, and did not choose to receive a decent pension from the treasury of Italy.

That is why they all went, burned, and melted in the warehouse of the past, and Omar Al-Mukhtar remained, a tattoo on an unforgettable memory. 

Whose memory recalls today is the name of the Italian soldier who put iron in the hands of Omar Al-Mukhtar, or the features of the judge who issued the death sentence? They all died thousands of deaths, and they all fell thousands of falls, and Omar Mukhtar remained alive.

He did not hold an Italian passport, nor an American, all people's hearts are his nationality, he is the permanent ambassador of a national conscience who gave him the life of his accreditation with a gallows.

They imagined that they were prosecuting him, but they did not know that he was the one who was prosecuting them, and they imagined that they were killing him, and they did not know that he was the one who was killing them.

A man who cherished his country so much, to the point of death, that the country cherished him so much, to the point of life. 
How many dead are alive, and how many alive are dead?


Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Libya Observer

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