By Abdularazag Al-Dahesh, a Libyan journalist and writer

The former General People's Committee, and under the instructions of Gaddafi, granted a deposit of 100 million dollars to the World Health Organization (WHO) to cover the treatment of the wounded during the 2011 revolution in foreign hospitals.

Today, we are talking about nearly 10 years, and we have not even received a single document from the WHO supporting the payment, even an invoice for a Panadol pill!

Among the unawareness of many Libyans, and the ignorance of some, the 100 million flew away from all legitimate and illegitimate questions.

A hundred million dollars is a huge sum of money, but the organization did not tell us how much it had spent, and for what, or how much has been left from the money!

Yes, the World Health Organization is an international organization that is supposed to deal with transparency; it should reveal the fate of the hundred million of the Libyan people's treasury.

While we sincerely appreciate the organization for standing with us, its behavior in dealing with the seizure of the hundred million dollars can only be considered theft.

Libyans' money will not be a legacy of unknown owner, and unsecured money should be guarded by morals.


Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect those of The Libya Observer

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