A political agreement or imposing a trusteeship? What is the solution?

A political agreement or imposing a trusteeship? What is the solution?

October 15, 2015 - 13:09
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By Grand Mufti Sheikh Sadiq Al-Gharyani

Building a strong state where justice and righteousness prevail, education prospers, people receive proper health care, security and stability take place and opportunities become equal for all Libyans is the goal which is agreed upon by all parties.

But, is it sufficient that the state gets built in this glittering and transparent way? Is it enough that it only possesses a constitution with governing principles that satisfy the aspirations of the people and include all values and ideals?

It would be worthless and ink on paper as long as the ruler, who is supposed to execute the ambitious laws and implement the principles and constitutions, does not believe in any of them.

All over the world, the law is designed for those who can execute it; therefore, an unjust judge is a judge from Hell who executes his laws wrongfully, while a just judge is one from Paradise who executes his laws rightfully even though the laws remain the same!

Gaddafi spent scores of years telling the Libyans to follow slogans like (The Koran is the law of the society.), (walk and praise Allah) (Allah loves it that if any of you gets a job done, to do it skilfully.) Gaddafi used to say so, while in fact he was falsifying the Koran, and mocking the Holies as well as making haram things halal or otherwise and denies what is true and commonsense about religion.

Gaddafi used to have one slogan on all his official and unofficial documents; (The people are the masters of the society.), while he ferociously killed 1200 prisoners in one single day. He kept saying (Fortune, power, and arms are in the hands of the people.) until he died, knowing that the Libyans have never seen a robbery of power, fortune and arms as his before. Worse yet, he confiscated the hunting rifles and made them illegal, so I think anyone realizes all of this, he would not find it difficult to understand the simplicity of exacting the requirements of Islamic Sharia laws or other things in the draft!

No harm in the draft as long as the national unity government follows an appointing scheme as we saw, and the dialogue team has heard of its formation from the media!!

Do not be happy with the international agreement, even if it were as great as you wanted it to be, until you know to whom the country will be handed over or will it be handed over at all? On the other hand, is it that those who control the appointing procedures and the beginnings control as well the continuation and the endings?


You might ask what is the alternative or the solution

I say that the solution is that all Libyans, regardless of their political orientations or tribal origins, should reconcile and let the bygones be bygones. They should stand against the way of turning the Libyan case into an international one as they are left with no other choice. Allah says in the Koran; (Be faithful to Allah and let reconciliation prevail among you.)

The upcoming national concord meeting in Misrata could be a serious start for a good reconciliation if the participants were given sufficient time and a clear road map and if its works were transparent.

It would be so on the condition that its first job puts a vital mechanism to guarantee full commitment to the announced governing principles. To assure success, the meeting should also have a clear mechanism that oblige commitment to a media truce by which all parties stop the verbal war among them in all TV channels and webpages.

Only then will those, who communicate and succumb to international-sponsored reconciliation that obliged him to travel back and forth, have no excuse to not take part in a national reconciliation meeting inside his country and among his people.


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