By Abdullah Alkabir, Libyan political writer and commentator

With the exception of some remote forests or mountains, no one in this world has not heard or is not affected by Al-Aqsa flood. In recent decades, the world has not witnessed an event such as this one that moved the people, the world over to follow, demonstrate, and interact in various forms, and the barbaric aggression that followed against Gaza, following the operation carried out by the resistance brigades in occupied Palestine, which inflicted unprecedented defeat on the occupation army, in its entire history.

The event surpassed in its impact September 11 and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, despite the political and economic transformations they caused on all continents. Perhaps the most appropriate description of it is what the cultural literature describes as the butterfly effect. 

A small event, like a butterfly flapping its wings, can set off hurricanes in the farthest reaches of the world. Gaza, from which the event began, is a small strip of land in Palestine, but it has young elite with inherent great liberation cause, the struggle for which has continued across generations for nearly a century.

The impact of the ‘Flood Operation’ goes beyond politics, wars, economics, and international relations, to cognitive, psychological, cultural, and ideological matters, as the conflict in Palestine is no longer viewed as portrayed by the enemy’s narrative, and Western media platforms that adopt such narrative and promote it with the capabilities they possess, reducing the conflict to a factional resistance attack on October 7, ignoring more than seven decades of occupation.

The attack raised questions about its causes and prompted everyone to search for the root cause of the conflict. Since the younger generations had their own means of acquiring information through Internet platforms, as they were automatically liberated from traditional media, that monopolized the media field and used it to serve its own agenda.

So, they come to learn that the resistance process did not start in a vacuum, and is not a terrorist act that we condemn and the matter will end, but rather it is a natural reaction to the practices of the occupier, and its persistent killing, oppression, arrest, and repeated consecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque, and its insistence on confiscating land, destroying farms and homes.

Everyone knew what the Zionist circles were withholding from their audience, so the most prominent slogan in all demonstrations was: Freedom for Palestine.

Many highlighted and posted their stances on the conflict via social media platforms. They stated that they realized the facts that were missing and the extent of their countries’ involvement in this historical injustice to which the Palestinian people were subjected. Others are impressed by the steadfastness of the people of Gaza and the depth of their faith prompted them to read again Islamic religion. They dissected the prevailing stereotype that was deliberately mainstreamed through the media, cinema and other cultural influences, some of whom were led by this revision to convert to Islam.

The myth of the invincible army and the oasis of democracy fell in the ocean of tyranny. The masks of falsehood and deception that were perpetuated through cultural tools fell, and the ugly face of the occupying entity appeared very clear, and the world witnessed its brutality and barbarism.

The flood tore apart all old claims about international law, human rights, and war conventions, as they are nothing but tools to serve the interests of the major plundering powers, and revealed the ridiculous contradiction in the positions of Western politicians. Russia’s practices in Ukraine are war crimes, while the same practices in Gaza and the West Bank are self-defense!

The flood divided institutions of parties of the countries supporting the aggression between those who supported this aggression and those who rejected it, and ousted British Home Secretary, and will oust others in various ways, such as losing elections, or facing justice when leaving power on charges of complicity and supporting war crimes. All thrones are shaking today, and no one is secure in power.

The impact of the event will not be limited to the present, but will extend to the future, after the collapse of ancient myths, the fall of lies, and all colonial narratives that established Western hegemony over the oppressed peoples. 
As the contemporary world has been moving for years from almost absolute American hegemony, towards a multipolar world led by more than one power, after the weakness that befell the American empire, and the rise of old and new powers to take their place on the international decision-making table, Al-Aqsa flood will be the accelerating factor for this movement, and after the flood subsides, and the smoke of battles in Palestine clears, tomorrow the sun will rise on a different world that is being shaped. We will see how the flood swept away into a deep abyss, all Zionists’ lies, arrogance, sense of superiority, and suppression of the people of Palestine.


Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Libya Observer