The UNSMIL draft; an attempt to revive a dead parliament

The UNSMIL draft; an attempt to revive a dead parliament

October 07, 2015 - 12:11
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By Fathi Al-Fadali

Even if we assumed that Leon’s draft, which I do not know from where it comes, is enough and precise, and it includes items, paragraphs and charts that organize the relation between the two conflicting political and legislative bodies, and that it is an agreed upon draft that should solve the problems, if we assume all of that, the draft remains doubtful.

The most dangerous point in the draft is that it extends the mandate of the parliament and gives it a prolonged legitimacy. It would be fine to do so if it was a new parliament that we have not tested before or we have not seen its work results and the statements made by its members.

The UNSMIL drafts are somehow acceptable and we can “swallow them” if they were to introduce new faces, but not if they want to reproduce and revive the same parliament, which has shown disregard of the country’s well-being as its real intentions got exposed in its messy actions and recklessness. Besides, the parliament has reached a high level of cunning like a professional blacksmith, who distorted the country and the people’s lives with its rottenness.

The draft talks about a parliament that we know very well and we have seen its visions, actions, politics, relations, alliances, and standpoints from the 17 February revolution. Consequently, I do not know why we should sign a draft, even if it was the greatest ever, if it extends the term of the parliament, whose members denounce starting any speech or writing with saying the statement “Peace be on Mohammed, Allah’s Prophet.” and consider it a waste of time. I do not know how we accept to prolong the parliament’s term for even a second, knowing that this parliament wants to bring back to the country Gaddafi’s army and brigades, which committed brutalities that even the monsters and predators cannot do to their prey.

I do not know how we should sign a draft to renew the term of the parliament that blesses and supports bombing of our cities by Egypt, Jordan, and Emirates and even asks for more while we are in the middle of an internal fight and conflict. This parliament is unable to denounce and condemn the killing of civilians and children who were killed by bombing cities like Derna, Gharyan, Benghazi, Tripoli, Zuwara, Hoon, Tarhouna and a lot more.

Moreover, the parliament did not even offer condolences to Benghazi people, whose deaths were Libyan, not even by matter of compliment, political protocol or diplomacy; however, the parliament offers official condolences to Egypt, Emirates, and Jordan and all those that opposed the Libyan February revolution and cherished evil for Libya whenever an incident takes place in their countries.

How do we allow ourselves to be the reason behind the revival of the parliament, which will nominate for the prime ministry of the national unity government some persons who were the pillars of the bloody Gaddafi regime? How do we extend a parliament that gave legitimacy to the
Dirtiness Operation, which destroyed everything alive in Benghazi?

I do not know why we should sign a draft that will prolong the parliament, which appointed a war criminal and a bloody idiot military loser as the Chief Commander of the Libyan army, who then collaborated with countries that violated Libya’s sovereignty on the political, media and fighting levels.

A parliament that has enlisted a foreign military intervention with open arms, a parliament that never denounces Haftar’s war against revolutionaries nor does it denounce his peace with Daesh (IS).

How do we extend the term of a parliament that ignored the displacement, crackdown, arrests on identity and political or tribal orientation bases as well as ignores, and even encourages, the torture in Benghazi, Birsis and Gernadah and other prisons or detentions?

This parliament ignores the barrel and cluster bombs that burn down and destroy people, houses, trees and all, as well as it supports the bringing of mercenaries from non-Libyan Tabu and Chadians or from Justice and Equality and from other countries.

This parliament gets upset for the arrest of Al-Nayli, the Qafsah criminal, who was arrested when fighting against the revolutionaries in the central region and does not denounce the killing of scholars, imams, Quran scholars and sheikhs in Benghazi by the dirtiness followers.

In addition, this parliament looks away from the destruction of factories, landmarks, houses, and mosques as well as schools and universities, and then it officially reactivates the interior security agency that considerably harmed the people in Libya in the past and makes it a state institution with the same torture policies as in the fascist bloody era.

This parliament puts its hands with those in Egypt which has publically announced what it called its right in Barga region and then it surrenders to Al-Sisi, the Egyptian president, and his desires, avarice and goals as well as it ignores Al-Sisi’s military and media statements about Libyan affairs in the international arena, as if Libya is a room in Al-Sisi’s mansion.

How do we sign and prolong this parliament’s term knowing that it ignored with a cold blood the killing of thousands of Libyans in a bloody unsuccessful military operation and backed it up with political, media and military powers, worse yet, it gave it a name a million times nobler than its deeds and aftermath.

This parliament supported an amnesty sentence for the ex-regime followers and cancelled the political isolation law, and then it called the Egyptian army, which violated its country’s sovereignty, heroes considering them a red line not to be crossed. Yet, it called the revolutionaries who guarded the elections boxes via which they took power as terrorists, knowing that the revolutionaries are the ones who brought the elections boxes. Without the revolution, there would not be any kind of elections at all.

The parliament members, who are hanging out day and night in Cairo and Sharm el-Sheikh leaving the country's youngsters die in war. Those MPs who get mad at trifle things but never give an eyelash for the bloodshed in Benghazi, Al-Kufra, Oubari, Derna, Kikla, Wirshiffana, and Sirte and around the country.

The parliament gave amnesty for the criminals who tortured our sons and then it gets angry at the arrest, imprisonment or trial of the ex-regime figures, in addition, it sheds the crocodile tears at Tripoli airport and never sheds a tear for human beings. This parliament condemns a massacre only to carry out a number of massacres.

Bottom line, how would we look in the eyes of the causalities of Benghazi and the whole country if we ever agreed to extend the term of the parliament and its criminal members. To be puzzled as we try to find an alternative solution for Libya’s crisis is a million times better than to sign a disgraceful alternative, yet for the parliament to extend its term by itself is also a lot better than for the honorable decent people to stain their hands by a signing that prolongs this criminal monster parliament.


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