Al-Ahly Benghazi wins the title after an absence of 12 years, while Al-Ahly Tripoli failed to retain the title and win it for the fifth time

The Al-Ahly-Benghazi team won the Libyan Basketball Cup title for the second time in its history after defeating the league title holder, Al-Ahly of Tripoli in the final match that took place in the Suleiman Al-Darrat indoor hall in Benghazi, Wednesday.

Al-Ahly Benghazi started the match strongly thanks to its tight defense led by its Lebanese player, Atheer Majok and the throws of its most prominent player in the match, Sufyan Al-Shuwaihdi, while the attempts of Al-Ahly Tripoli's Captain, Mohamed Al-Saadi and his American players, Jackson and Stoglin to score from outside the Arc went unsuccessful.  So, Al-Ahly of Tripoli finished the first half of the match late by a basket and a half with a result of 26 to 29.

The third quarter witnessed the awakening of the Greens after receiving instructions from its veteran Lebanese coach, Ghassan Sarkis. The three-throws of Stoglin and Al-Saadi contributed to granting progress to the title holder in the last two editions, to end the third quarter with 49 to 43, before Al-Ahly  Benghazi   plays a tactical run of the highest style, during which it reduced the threats of Stoglin, Jackson and Al-Saadi, as Al-Ahly-Tripoli scored only 7 points compared to 19 points for its opponent during which its player, Ismail El-Jahmi, emerged with three decisive goals, which led his team to win the match by 62 to 56.

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