Libya lost 1-0 to its host Equatorial Guinea on Sunday evening, at Malabo Stadium, in the fourth round of the qualifiers for the 2022 African Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

Equatorial Guinea dominated the ball for an extended amount of time keeping Libya's defense under pressure throughout the match.

The stalemate was broken in minute 27 after Guinea's Eban Salvador fired a shot.

The Libyan goalkeeper was unable to react in time, and the ball ended in the far side of the net to put Guinea up 1-0.

The Mediterranean knights tried to come back and end the match with a draw, but Guinea's team proved to be defensively sharp and managed to keep their net clean.

With no points added, Libya remains trailing in the bottom of the tenth group, while Equatorial Guinea raised its score to six points in second place behind the leaders Tunisia team with nine points, while the Tanzania team remained in third place with three points.