The head of the Youth and Sports Authority, Bashir Al-Qantari participated in the 65th session of the Council of Arab Ministers for Youth and Sports that was held via video conference on Thursday.

The session took up a set of topics that address Arab youth issues, atop of which is convening the Youth Economic Empowerment Conference.

Thursday's meeting also approved several projects aimed at enhancing areas of youth sector development in the Arab world, such as launching online workshops and courses, including a course on legislation and regulations concerning sporting activities.

The head of Libya's Youth and Sports Authority, Bashir Al-Qantari, stressed in his address the need to embrace young people, look into their demands, and foster their capabilities and creativity.

"The Youth and Sports Authority in Libya will spare no effort in harnessing all its capabilities to support the efforts seeking to develop, upgrade, and protect young people," said Al-Qantari.

The Council of Arab Ministers for Youth and Sports will hold tomorrow the works of its 43rd session to discuss a number of important issues, including the impact of the international changes on Arab sport during the Coronavirus pandemic and the visions of the Arab countries on the ways of dealing after this pandemic.