The Libyan Football Federation (LFF) has controversially canceled this season's Libyan Soccer League, venturing to announce that the kick-start of 2017-2018 season is going to be next August 10.

The decision to scrap the whole tournament was desperately based on the down-falling financial conditions of the sports club participating in the league, not to mention the fragile security and administrative preparations for the event and the poor structure of stadiums, knowing that some of them are still being serviced.

"Given all the dilemmas we are undergoing at the LFF, the season has been canceled altogether." LFF announced.

It is noteworthy that the sports club asked for having financial support before they take part in playing any of 2017 season's matches, however; the LFF could not make that happen.

Local media outlets said that after such a bad news to the Libyan football sport, the coach of the Libyan national team, Jalal Damja, is mulling over resigning from his post as a protest against such a thought-free move by the LFF, which according to media outlets citing Damja, has failed to even organize friendly games for the national team to train before playing Cameroon-held Africa Cup of Nations' qualifiers.

According to reports, Damja was also ticked off by the LFF's behavior when the Libyan team's match against Morocco was canceled before Libya goes to play Seychelles on June 12, as part of AFCON qualifiers.

Damja also spoke out his anger when Libya could not take part in Rwanda International Tournament this May, which was also taken off the list by the LFF without giving clear reasons.

"The Libyan team's training program doesn't harbor a good omen, in my opinion." Damja remarked.