The Libyan Football Federation (LFF) on Thursday issued a decision allowing Libyan clubs to include Sudanese and Palestinian players in the 2023-2024 football season.

Resolution No. 7 , stated that both Sudan and Palestine are currently facing difficult circumstances that have prevented their official sports competitions and led to the migration of a significant number of players from both countries abroad.

The decision was made based on a request from the Sudanese Football Federation, allowing each club to register players holding Sudanese and Palestinian nationality in their team lists for the sports season 2023-2024, subject to certain conditions.

The LFF clarified that clubs in various divisions of the league, including the Premier, First, Second, and Third divisions, will have the right to register two players with Sudanese nationality, along with two players with Palestinian nationality.

As for youth categories, each club will be allowed to register one Sudanese player and one Palestinian player, as specified in the decision.

Furthermore, the Libyan FFF decided to treat Sudanese and Palestinian players in terms of registration and participation numbers the same as Libyan players. 

The registration will be conducted according to the regulations and conditions specified in the players' status rules and the supplementary decisions.