The Libyan Olympic Committee deplored Monday the denial of entry visas to Morocco for Benghazi’s Al-Nasser basketball players in order to take part in the Arab Basketball Championship.

The chairman of the Libyan Olympic Committee, Jamal al-Zarrouq, held an urgent meeting at the headquarters of the Committee in Tripoli to discuss the steps that need to be taken against the Moroccan ban.

The meeting dealt with the depriving issue, and agreed upon addressing the International Olympic Committee, the Libyan Foreign Ministry, the Moroccan Olympic Committee and the International Basketball Federation.

"Depriving the Libyan clubs from entering the territory of the Kingdom of Morocco has had negative impact on the Libyan sport, either technically or materially". Zarrouk said, adding that he had previously talked to the president of the Moroccan Olympic Committee in particular regarding this issue.

According to Zarrouk, the Moroccan Olympic Committee confirmed that the ban came in accordance with a royal decree forbidding citizens of three Arab countries to obtain the Moroccan visa, namely Syria, Iraq and Libya.

He stressed that he would contact all relevant sports authorities in the world to address them with the need to punish Morocco for these arbitrary measures that violate the Olympic Charter.