The Libyan Post Telecommunications and Information Technology Company (LPTITC) announced that Internet services in the municipality of Bent Bayyah in southern Libya was lost due to deliberate vandalism of the cable of the Libya Phone Company (Hatif Libya).

LPTITC confirmed in a statement on Saturday that it was not possible to repair the faults immediately due to a deliberate obstruction by the party causing the sabotage. It later authorized the maintenance teams to start working on establishing entirely new cable supplies for a distance of approximately 2 km in place of the old ones that have become impossible to use.

 LPTITC apologized to the users for the interruption of the Internet service, noting that preserving the state's capabilities and services is a joint responsibility that state institutions share with the citizens as well as the authorities concerned with maintaining security.

It also stressed that the repetition of these practices "means that it is impossible to repair the faults until the hindrances stop, thus citizens will suffer from the consequences of lost Internet connections for am unknown period."

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