More than 45 Libyan municipalities wrapped up yesterday their meetings in Sabrata where they discussed several local issues related to each municipality with the Minister of Local Governance in the Salvation Government.

The municipalities urged, in a statement following their Monday and Tuesday meetings, the local governance committee in the General National Congress to attach the Historical Cities Security Dept., General Service Company and the Municipal Security along with their finances to them, in addition to the need to distribute their budgets and to open new bank accounts for local development.

They also agreed to recommend the GNC to collect taxes and financial returns, while at the same time imposing municipal fees as per the 59 local administration decree of 2012, besides the need to open independent service offices for the mailing and electricity companies in each municipality.

The municipalities finished off their statement urging the Minister of Local Governance in the SG to facilitate new administrative headquarters and to fund development projects for them, hoping to hold a similar meeting the next couple of weeks to mark the progress of the recommendations given in the meeting.