Head of the Government of National Unity, Abdel Hamid Dbeibah, on Tuesday, December 20, inaugurated the Libya Media Exhibition, TIFA Expo 2022, which is being held at the Tripoli International Fair, as part of the Tripoli Media Days. The inauguration was attended by a number of ministers, officials and those interested in the media field from Libya and various Arab countries, according to a statement published by Hakomitna Platform on Facebook. Dbeibah made a tour of the media pavilions of the exhibition, which includes government communication pavilion, comprising the “Hakomitna” platform, the “Return to Life” platform, the Media Development pavilion, the Media Support and Development Fund, the Media Content Monitoring Authority, and the Audio Space Authority, in addition to many public and private media outlets. He was briefed about the various outlets and visual presentations showcasing their content and activities were made.