The Turkish Universities Exhibition was held in the capital, Tripoli to help students interested in studying in Turkey choose their majors. "We are proud of our relations with Libya, and we have many common customs, so we believe that this event will contribute to the consolidation of relations between the two countries in several other fields,” said Turkish Ambassador to Libya Kanaan Yilmaz, who attended the opening ceremony. He highlighted that many Libyan students are studying in Turkish colleges, as he hoped that such an event would encourage others to follow their example. Noura Al-Saadoun, public relations officer of the "BN" company, stated that the expo provides students interested in studying in Turkey with credible information and allows them to become acquainted with Turkish universities. According to her, the universities participating in the exhibition are private educational institutions, such as Gelisim University, which she said offers quality education and Atlas University in medical and technology specializations. "We have seen a genuine desire among many of the students participating in the exhibition to complete their studies in Turkish universities," she noted.