Maher Al-Gharyani is still in prison since he was detained by a militia affiliated with Khalif Haftar in Benghazi on April 7, family members have confirmed.

Several human rights organizations had condemned the continued detention of Al-Gharyani after he criticized the eastern authorities for demolishing buildings, some considered part of the city's landmarks.

The organizations demanded his immediate release and that his fate be disclosed.

A day before his last disappearance, Maher was imprisoned by another militia before releasing him hours later.

Following his release, Al-Gharyani said his detention was against the backdrop of his remarks on the demolitions taking place in the city center of Benghazi, thanking everyone for their concerns over his safety.

Al-Gharyani criticized, in a Facebook post, the campaign to remove buildings and homes and the forced evictions taking place in the city.

The demolitions, which also targeted historical buildings, drew wide criticism among the public and officials, describing the move as "absurd."