Suspected kidnappers of eight-year-old Salam Suwaidan from Msallata have been arrested, the Khoms Security Directorate has confirmed.

The Directorate said that its arrest and investigation unit have managed to track down the suspects and recover the ransom paid for her release.

The kidnappers confessed during their interrogation that they knew that Salam was the daughter of the head of the Coronavirus epidemic control committee at Msallata Hospital and planned to kidnap her for ransom.

One of the kidnappers was living in the same apartment complex, according to the security services.

The girl was kidnapped in front of her home and was taken to a cave in the wilderness area of Msallata, before returning her to her family after collecting the ransom they demanded, the security services said.

The directorate underscored that the perpetrators have been referred to the Public Prosecution Office for legal action.

Salam was reported missing some two weeks ago from her home town and kidnappers demanded a ransom for her release.