A group of youth from Masllata city east of Tripoli launched a campaign entitled "Strive to Leave an Impact", to support Masllata General Hospital and improve the health services provided to the public.

The campaign recently contributed to equipping the hospital with an oxygen plant and held a training course for midwives.

The group also assisted in developing the men's ward by carrying out some maintenance work for the main hall, toilets, and other facilities, besides providing the ward with hospital beds.

The Libya Observer spoke yesterday to one of the young men engaged in this initiative, who told us that their campaign began small, but "good deeds always bloom" he says.

The hospital's emergency department was receiving sick and ill people around the clock with limited capacity and deteriorated services, so it was the starting point for the group, back in 2015.

Their eagerness to do something towards this deteriorating situation impressed some of the city's businessmen who offered to fund the maintenance work at the emergency department.

But soon their work was inspired by the community and the donations began to pour. After having received so much they decided to expand their work and went on to conduct comprehensive maintenance to the entire department and even established a resuscitation department, which was provided with all of its needs including equipment and furniture.

Member of the "Strive To Leave An Impact" campaign affirmed that they would continue their volunteer work, with the help of local people, indicating that there are other projects under study, including the maintenance of the care department.

Despite these positive and encouraging initiatives, such activities highlight how much the health sector is suffering.

As the Coronavirus continues to spread in Libya, officials and doctors are criticizing the government's performance saying the health sector lacks the readiness to respond to the pandemic, despite the 3.2 billion dinars and the 966 million dinars announced by the government for the Ministry of Health to tackle the pandemic in the country.

All this prompted the head of the investigations department of the Attorney General's Office to suspend all financial transactions of the Coronavirus Procurement Committee at the Health Ministry, confirming that there are significant financial excesses.

Last September, the Attorney General's Office issued arrest warrants for the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Muhammad Haitham besides, six other officials from the Military Medicine Agency.