A daughter of one of the Sudanese women who were recently killed in Libya's Benghazi has accused the Libyan serial killer who is wanted by the International Criminal Court, Mahmoud Al-Werfalli, of kidnapping, torturing and killing her mother.

The Sudanese girl, Reem Dawood - daughter of the woman found killed in Benghazi; Zainab Al-Hadandoya - said in a local TV interview that the residents saw Mahmoud Al-Werfalli speaking loudly his name after getting out of his car in front of her mother's beauty salon, adding that the CCTV of the hospital opposite to the salon had the incident on tape, yet the criminal investigation apparatus in Benghazi took the videos and claimed the cameras were not working.

The girl claimed to have a copy of the CCTV footage and said it showed Al-Werfalli, adding that she possessed other footage of eyewitnesses showing Al-Werfalli leading the kidnap of her mother, vowing to send her evidence to the ICC as many eyewitnesses promised to report what they had seen to help her.

She also said the ICC-wanted criminal led the torture of her mother and in one incident he let a "lion" attack her to make her scared and confess to things she hadn't done, adding that her mother's body bears marks of a lion's claws.

"Al-Werfalli shot my mother twice, once in the head and another time in the neck to kill her in cold blood." She said, coring a source from a person working under the command of Al-Werfalli at Al-Saiqa Force.

Zainab, the girl's mother; was kidnapped from a beauty salon in Benghazi on October 10. Her body was found the next day near the seashore in Jalyana area, bearing marks of torture and a gunshot in the head.

The Interpol has listed Al-Werfalli as a wanted person for the crimes he had committed in Libya and arrest warrants issued of him by the ICC.