Al-Kufra security forces have found three secret prisons run by a gang consisting of 13 people, specialized in kidnapping illegal immigrants, torturing them, and bargaining with their families to pay ransom for their freedom. 

The Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency in Al-Kufra said that its forces raided three locations, one of them in the Al-Nakheel farms project in the western Al-Jawf, the second in Al-Hawari farms, and the third in a resort near Al-Kufra airport, pointing out that the gang used the prisons to hide its victims and torture them to obtain money from their families.

It also confirmed the liberation of 60 illegal immigrants, including men, women and children, who were forcibly hidden and subjected to severe torture. 

"Their families bargained to pay a large ransom amounting to $20,000 per person," the agency said, adding that 13 suspects of different nationalities, including Libyans, were arrested and referred to public prosecution for legal action.